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Fern Forest

March 21, 2021

Cotton clouds zipping by

Along the baby blue sky

Point And Shoot, P.A.S.

Put your hat on, and stick your gut out

The whipping sound of dragonflies

Crossing our walking trails

You amuse me. You are my muse

As spiraling branches with new leaves

No more a dream of a lion about to pounce

You now can move and breathe

White Toadstools popped like plastic toys

Lizards scurry and scamper across our trails

Rushing briskly over mangled trunks

Blackened with age, still brown

Tomorrow Spring starts, 20th of March

The Vernal Equinox arrives

A clearance brightened by the sun, no longer under shade

A hammer in the distance: thump, thump, thump

A young family walks ahead of our way

A fluttering swallowtail dances over the moistened soil

Flapping wings in black and yellow stripes

It stays in one place among mud and grey stones

Fed by minerals, feeed byyyy miii-neee-rals

It splays its wings and stays in one place

A yellow necklace across its black planes

A giant dragonfly also feeds off the mud

Its wings shimmering light

As no diamond ever could

Its body looks like a snake

With big eyes

A giant dragonfly

A Chihuahua passed us by

Left or right? Left …

For bigger fish to fry

Surface skimmers surf and linger on the water

These two look as if they are skating or fighting

It’s funny

A brown stripe snake skims over the water

And a young turtle turns round and round

Iridescent small fish with long tales

Look, look, look, look

The turtle swims slowly away

See, see, see

The snake undulates as well

Between water lilies

Lying over the mirrored surface

Through reflections it bastes fronds made into lace.

Point And Shoot. P.A.S.

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